General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Chrinda BVBA

Privacy Policy

1. Who are we?
Chrinda BVBA is a Belgian registered company providing nutrivigilance services to businesses supplying nutritional supplements to the market.

A nutrivigilance system is a quality system used by the company responsible for marketing to fulfil their tasks and responsibilities as required by the competent authority, and that is designed to ensure the safety of permitted nutritional supplements and detect any change in the risk-benefit balance.

2. General – what purpose does this privacy policy serve?

2.1. Chrinda bvba processes personal information. We aim to process your personal information in a lawful, proper and transparent way, as prescribed by the General Data Protection Regulation 2019/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter: “AVG/GDPR”). We handle your personal information as carefully as possible. After all, your privacy is very important to us.

2.2. This privacy policy applies to the processing of your personal information by Chrinda BVBA. This privacy policy does not cover in any way whatsoever the privacy policy of other companies or entities nor of other websites or applications that are referred to via (even permitted) hyperlinks on the website of Chrinda BVBA.

2.3. We are responsible for processing your personal information. We shall take the appropriate measures to ensure the data is processed in accordance with the AVG/GDPR. People appointed or employed by Chrinda BVBA are also equally obliged to comply with the AVG/GDPR.

2.4. Our contact details:
Chrinda BVBA
De Helle, 18
B-2940 Stabroek
ON: BE +32 (0)8 6341 5905
In case of requests or questions, you may always contact us via these details.

2.5.Chrinda BVBA may amend this privacy policy at any time. The most recent version is available either digitally or in hard copy, and can always be found under the heading ‘Privacy policy’ on our website You may also request a copy by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address given above, or by letter to the address above.

2.6. Your personal information is only processed insofar as this is provided to us (regardless as to whether or not we receive it via the website of Chrinda BVBA). However, it is necessary to process this data for the purposes as determined in Art. 4 below.

3. Which personal information do you process?
-your identification details, such as your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number
-any personal complaints you share with us and that you suffered after ingestion or application of a nutritional supplement.

4. For which purposes do we process your personal information?

Chrinda BVBA processes your personal information purely in line with the requirements stipulated by the principle of nutrivigilance and as described in Art. 1”.Who are we?”. Confidentiality Agreements are concluded with all companies for which we carry out nutrivigilance services in order to fully safeguard your privacy data and to comply with the AVG/GDPR.

5. How long do we store your personal information?

We do not store your personal information any longer than necessary for the purposes as determined in Art. 4.

6. Who else receives your personal information other than Chrinda BVBA?

The third parties with whom Chrinda bvba is entitled or obliged to share your personal information are domiciled within the European Union. Your personal information is shared as per the provisions of the Confidentiality Agreements as stated in Art. 4.

7. Security

We take all appropriate security measures to protect your personal information, such as measures relating to access controls and operational security, as well as the necessary procedure concerning these security measures.

8. What are your rights?

As provided for by the AVG/GDPR, you have the following rights:

▪access to your personal information.
You may receive one free copy of the requested information. If you request extra copies, Chrinda BVBA may require compensation to cover administrative costs;

▪improvement (rectification) of your personal information;

▪deletion of your personal information, unless processing is necessary for e.g.:
-executing the right of freedom of speech and information;
-complying with the statutory obligations of Chrinda BVBA
-the setup, execution or substantiation of a (legal) claim and/or a counter defence.

▪limiting the processing of your personal information;

▪transfer of your personal information to another party responsible for processing.

9. The exercise of your rights, as outlined above, is equally dependent on the requirements and conditions as determined in the AVG/GDPR.

Version 1.0 valid from 1 April 2019